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The HDRC is an equal opportunity facility registered in 1995 in Cameroon for research and service on lifespan human development, with special focus on the next generations – children and youth ... HDRC is not a grant-awarding institution; it is a grant-seeking facility...
The vision is to bolster the innate human ability to learn and become competent and responsible in the mastery of life circumstances and effective management of such developmental transitions as family formation, labor market entry and effectiveness, and the challenges and schisms of competitive market forces, social mobility, ICTs, and local versus global factors.
Pilot Intervention Sites
Kitiwum in the Kumbo Central Council and Nkwen in Bamenda Three Council in northwest Cameroon are HDRC's pilot sites. They represent, respectively, rural and urban communities, with discernible dichotomies that reflect the core features of rural and urban settings in sub-Saharan Africa/Cameroon.
The HDRC seeks to:
  • Understand and enhance child and youth development in a hybrid Africa.

  • Develop and mature the HDRC into an African Centre of Excellence in Human Services Psychology.

  • Advocate, network, and compete for institutional and societal development funding to advance research, knowledge generation, dissemination and global interstimulation.
  • Offer needs-based assistance and guidance to vulnerable schoolchildren.

  • Provide leadership and mentorship in psychology and allied fields.

  • Generate contextually and culturally apt knowledge and products for Africa's / Cameroon's needs in a globalized world, with keen attention to re-education and innovative technologies in agrarian and vocational productivity.